THE PROCESS in 5 Easy Steps

Step 1:  GATHER ALL YOUR MATERIAL.  The best option is for you to have your material in a QUICKTIME or MPeg4 format.  (If you need help getting a TV show or Film let us know by emailing

Step 2:  SEND your material to either via WeTransfer or Dropbox.  Include along with the material a brief description of any notes you have.

Step 3:  Once Matt receives your footage and notes he will contact you with any questions he may have, and let  you know when you can expect to get the first cut back.

Step 4:  FIRST CUT.  Matt will send you a first cut based on your notes (if you have any). You are welcome to ask for any tweaks or changes.

Step 5: ALL DONE.   Matt will make the changes and put together a final edit to send to you. He will send you a master file and a web friendly file (to easily upload on websites).


$50 per half hour.  (most reels take between 30 min to 1.5 hours.  More complicated reels with multiple scenes, etc, may take longer).

Have a large project (webisode, short film, etc), request a quote by emailing